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The most ambitious students will always have a keen interest in the challenge that comes from having to write an essay.

It is a chance to demonstrate one’s academic skills in research and writing, as well as one’s ability to construct strong and critically sound arguments.

Secrets of a Well-Written Essay You Should Know About

It’s an important assessment tool for determining one’s knowledge and understanding within a specific topic and as such should never be taken lightly. The following is a list of the most important secrets of a well-written assignment provider you should know about regardless of the kind of paper you are asked to write.

Demonstrates Your Original Critical Thought
It’s said that the hallmark of a great written assignment is a demonstration of original critical thinking. You don’t have to come up with a ground-breaking new theory, but you do have to show that your thinking isn’t just a simple reiteration of what others have said before. Always look towards pushing the envelope with all of your writing assignments.

Shows Your In-Depth Knowledge of a Topic
No matter what discipline you work in or what subject you explore, you should always demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the precise topic as backed up with verifiable facts. You should communicate a clear comprehension of the issues and concepts discussed in a way that presents you as a sort of expert. When I can't write my essay, I talk to experts at My Essay Geek.

It Uses Clear and Direct English Language
One of the biggest mistakes students make is trying to sound academic by using large words or complicated sentence structures. Your words should always flow effortlessly, guiding the reader from one idea to the next. Be as clear and direct as possible – use words you know the meanings of without having the look them up in a dictionary.

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Incorporates a Clear and Logical Structure

With any assignment you should always demonstrate your command of building clear and logical arguments regardless of the paper length. You probably already know about creating outlines before starting your work as a way of structuring your assignment in a way that makes the most sense yourself and to the reader. Do this before you start with a first draft so that you can make changes without having to redo your paper.

It Doesn’t Have Any Word Fluff or Page Filler

Have you ever watched a film that is so well-written it seems as if every word has a specific purpose to achieve an efficient telling of a story? The same can be said about writing an essay – every word and phrase should serve a purpose. Your goal is to persuade and inform so if anything appears to you tangential or lacking in strength, you should consider revising the material until it serves your purpose.

Uses a Blend of Original Ideas and Evidence

A well-written academic assignment should give a balanced argument that states both your side as well as a counter view you can reasonably anticipate would be made in the reader’s mind. This being said two key elements must be presented – your original ideas and evidence. Just don’t over cite or quote material without presenting your own critical thoughts and interpretations. Remember, the reader will be most interested in what you have to say.

Give yourself enough time

You probably don’t need to be reminded of this last piece of advice, but just to state the obvious always give yourself plenty of time to write your assignment. Start planning the day you first receive the assignment details and set enough time aside to write at least three drafts of your work – a first draft, a revised draft, and a final draft. Only then will you know that you have done all you can do to submit an excellent work of which you can be proud.

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