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5 Different Types Of Writing Essays You Should Be Aware Of

An essay refers to a short piece of composing that intends to analyze, describe or discuss a specific subject. In addition, it could tackle a topic in a humorous or serious approach, directly or indirectly. It could also report information or describe personal viewpoints. This could be written from any point of view, but take in mind that these are most typically composed in the third person or first person.

Here are the different types of writing essays that you need to be insightful of:

  1. Descriptive essay
  2. This provides details regarding how something sounds, smells, feels, looks, tastes or makes one feel. Indeed, it could describe how something took place or what something is. They commonly use a number of sensory details.

  3. The cause and effect essay
  4. This expounds how or why some events occur and what resulted from such event. It pertains to a study of the linkage between two or more experiences or events. This could tackle both causes as well as effects or it can plainly address one or the other.

  5. The narrative essay
  6. This form of essay intends to tell or narrate a story. More than that, it can be referred to as a short story. In general, it narrates a personal experience and follows a conversational style. It is generally written in the first person wherein it could narrate one life-shaping event, or plainly a day-to-day experience.

  7. Argumentative essay
  8. This refers to a form of essay that attempts to convince the reader to the perspective of the writer. Here, the writer can either be humorous or serious, but must often attempts to persuade the audience of the validity of her or his perspective. Likewise, the essay may attempt to convince the reader subtly through the use of sarcasm or irony or may also consider arguing openly.

  9. Definition essay
  10. This attempts to define a particular term. It aims to define an abstract concept as well as attempt to determine the meaning of a certain word. It is interesting to note that the analysis is more in-depth as compared to a simple dictionary definition. It is crucial to be able to expound why the term is defined as such. It could convey the definition of the term, define the term directly and narrate a story that requires the audience to construe the meaning or provide not data other than the term’s explanation.

The five different types of essays mentioned above are just a few of the essays that you need to be fully aware of when handling various essay writing assignments.

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