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Best tips and tricks on the synthesis essay

In a synthesis paper, the student is expected to put together separate pieces to form a single whole paper. This paper is not as difficult as most students see it. With the right template (which we shall be discussing here); students can come out in flying colors in their attempt to write an excellent paper.

How to create a killer synthesis essay

  1. The right topic: Students need to choose the right topic. The right topic is the one you understood and have the flair to write on. This is not the time to experiment with a topic you are not already familiar with because your grades matter a lot here. Choose the right topic and you would have solved the matter halfway.
  2. Credible sources: In the search for credible sources that will add the spice to your paper; shut out social media. You will only get such sources through academic journals and books. Websites with related content will also be of help. Citing sources from FaceBook; blogs and others like it will not be in your best interest. 
  3. Correct citations: Make sure your citations are correct. Ensure that you follow the instructions of your professor to the essay. The citation format of your instructor is final. Whether you agree with it or not, you are duty-bound to follow it. 
  4. Proofread: Do not permit the reckless slip of not proofreading your work if you want to stand out. This is one mistake that will ruin your chances in the long run. When your paper is riddled with mistakes; you are inviting low grades that might hurt you in the long run.

The synthesis essay outline

The outline here includes three main body parts. Extra care should be taken to ensure that all the parts are well researched and presented flawlessly. Let us take a look at the parts involved one after the other.

  • Introduction

This is where you must gain the attention of your readers. A catchy introduction will add more value to your paper because it will impress your readers and there will be a natural urge to read through your paper. You need a powerful thesis statement in argumentative synthesis topics that will strongly present your position.

  • The body paragraph

You are expected to get organized very well here. Each of the paragraphs is expected to present a different point. There should be a coherent flow in the plot here such that you are going to get the results that mattered at the end of the day.

This paper is informative; it best clearly states the relationship that exists between the different characters. Similarities and differences should be clearly defined.

  • Conclusion

Just like with other forms of papers, you are expected to end with a powerful conclusion that will impress on the points you have made in your submissions beginning from the introduction. This should appear in the form of a concise summary. 

Final thoughts

The tricks involved in making the best out of your essay are as described above, no matter if you are tackling your college assignment or a writing gig at It will be amazing if you implement these tips in your work.

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