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College Application Essay Tips

Seeking admission to college is usually done through applications to the admission board. Students are required to write interesting essays that revolve around their ambitions, success and reasons for joining that chosen college. The admission staff will be looking at all these aspects and the way you have put them together to determine whether you are a good fit for the college or not. For that reason, you should learn how to organize your thoughts and ideas in order to succeed in writing your application essay.

To succeed in writing an application essay, it is important that you use prompts to guide your chain of thought and talking points.  There are many samples and guidelines from different colleges that you can learn from including your college of interest. Therefore, putting together all these aspects shouldn't be a problem for you with that kind of information.

What Should an Application Essay Entail?

The overall objective in your essay is to provide compelling evidence to your reader on your personality and ambitions in life. In this type of essay, you should be able to distinguish yourself from the rest by expressing yourself in a way that is unique to you. In most cases, your essay length should be between 250 and 650 words. Making the most of this word count by capturing all the important details will serve to help you achieve your writing objectives.

As you prepare to write an application essay for your college admission, be guided as follows:

  • Look into your identity, life interests and background or any talent you have that compliments your current pursuits and application. If this is what is going to bring out your dreams and aspirations, then that is a good prompt to work with.
  • Write about interesting challenges that you have faced. How have they worked to build the person you are today? This will be another great talking point to help you develop your essay.
  • Have you had any failures in life? Definitely, yes. How did you respond after going through such? How was your life impacted by these low moments and how have you dealt with such circumstances from time to time over the years.
  • Leadership. Everyone is a leader at their capacity. Therefore, students are expected to demonstrate leadership at whatever level. It doesn't have to be perfect but writing about your leadership experiences would be a major milestone in realizing success in your application.
  • Do a thorough reflection of your journey, in and out of school over the years. How have these experiences shaped you into the person you are at the moment? Why do you think your chosen college is the perfect one for you? What value will you bring to them?

Final Thoughts

College admissions boards look at how well you can express yourself. How can you put together your life experiences and pursuits to a certain cause that concerns you and others? A personal application essay should demonstrate both theoretical and practical accomplishments in your life.

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